Understanding the Power Steering System of Your Car

//Understanding the Power Steering System of Your Car

How the steering of the car controls the entire moment of either right or left? Are you thinking regarding this? So, let’s have a discussion on the understanding of the power steering system of your car. The power steering is the best innovation in the vehicle helps to steer & turn your car effortlessly. If we look at 50 years back then, it was only available in luxury vehicles. However, now it has become standard in all cars. Adventure of power steering system has put the car drivers on cloud nine and enhanced their overall experience. Its pimp works on special steering fluids as same as other fluids like transmission fluids. Due to the simplicity of rack & pinion designs, most probably the car mechanisms use this. Furthermore, it’s the most common gear system in trucks also.

The rack is long & flat along with the prongs on one side and it is linear gear rather than being round. Ultimately, the rack is attached to the steering shaft, and that further attaches to the steering wheel. When the driver turns the wheel, pinion gear begins to rotate & helps to make the wheels turn either right or left. The use of rack & pinion also helps to reduce manufacturing costs.

What are the Types of Power Steering System?

There are several types of components in the power steering of your car that make it easy to turn the car in the desire direction. In ancient times, these wheels needed lots of muscles or hard work to turn them. Thanks to technology, now it has become much easier!! There are three types of the steering system mention below-

  • Hydraulic Power Steering (HPS)
  • Electric Power Hydraulic Steering (EPHS)
  • Hybrid

In Hydraulic Power Steering, there is an engine-driven pump which supplies the hydraulic pressure to this system. However, HPS use this pressure and then easily turn the steering wheels at the drop of a hat.

Electric Power Hydraulic Steering is a combined hybrid of hydraulic & electric. In this steering system, there is an electric motor and it gives energy to the hydraulic pump to turn wheels effortlessly.

Hybrid works like the hydraulic power steering system and in this electric pump is put on instead of the hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic Power Steering System

Are you using the Hydraulic power Steering System in your car? If yes then, look at the mention points below to encounter the problems you face in this steering such as-

  • Leakage of Power Steering Fluids-

    You might be thinking that how will you know regarding the leakage of power steering fluid from your car. Right? it’s so simple to check this!! If you heard any sound from your vehicle while turning it then, your vehicle might have some leakage though power steering. Please, never thee drive the car in this situation, it may lead to serious accidents. You can also check the leakage of fluids from the engine of your car on the driver’s side. This is also an indication of leakage.

  • Worn drive or serpentine belt–

    If you notice some kind of loud screeching sound from your car while taking a sharp turn then, it’s an indication of worn-out of slipping belt. In the case of new vehicles, it may be the sign of a serpentine belt.

  • Damaged hose–

    The indication of damage hose is that when you face complications in steering the vehicle while driving at the drop of a hat. PLEASE REPLACE IT ASAP, WHENEVER YOU FACE THIS ISSUE.

Electric Power Steering System

The power Steering System is part of the Control Area Network ( CAN). And, the CAN further include the ECM & ABM control system. Moreover, it also makes a connection between all the electronic systems by interlinking them and thus, allow proper communication as well as improve the multi-functionality of the car. These modules share the data which can be utilized to understand mechanical issues like force steer. The data shared incorporates vehicle speed, directing edge, and surrounding temperature.

  • The Motor

    The Most probable, an electric power steering system uses a three-phased electric brushless motor. Because it allows the more precise application of torque at low RPMs. The source of motor powers generally includes DC voltage ranging from 9 to 16 volts.

  • The Module

    The module is the core of an electric force guiding framework. It’s the place the sign generators, drivers, metal–oxide–semiconductor field-impact transistor (MOSFET), an ebb, and flow screen circuit are found. It shields the engine from overheating by provoking the framework to go into a safeguard mode. It will produce a DTC, which at that point cautions the driver with a notice light or message.

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