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Have an Old Unregistered car that you might want to sell? Come to Us!

Irrespective of the age, make, or condition of your unregistered car. We will buy from you offering the best price in the market.

We will offer free unregistered car removal service. Get your payment instantly once we are done with all the inspection. There are different reasons why proprietors may not register their vehicles. Hence, you don’t need to give us an explanation. We give a convenient approach to evacuate unregistered cars with high customer satisfaction.

We offer the best value of money to instantly for your unregistered cars!

Sell your Unregistered Car for Top Cash in Adelaide

We are your confided car wreckers in Adelaide. So unregistered cars are no difficulty by any means. We will offer you money for unregistered cars of any model or make. Also, we will get your unused vehicle from any area free of cost.

Get simple and hassle-free solution to get rid of your unregistered old car

Disregard all your worries in selling or disposing of your unregistered vehicle. We have many years of experience with taking care of all the details in terms of selling your old car. To make things simple and quick, we offer on the spot money for an unregistered car.

Give your unregistered old car to a professional car removal expert in Adelaide. You can make good money rather than spending more on the repair. Whether your vehicle is unregistered, Scrap, Wrecked, Salvaged, Old, Broken, or Damaged. We offer a range of services from towing to documentation. To make the procedure productive.

We, at SA Cash for Cars, will help you with all the paperwork important to make the procedure simple. Our group of experienced staff will give you the data required to make the deal legal.

Frequent brands we purchase:

Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Skoda, Suzuki, Volkswagen and much more.

Carry on your unregistered car removal with us!

Eco-friendly Recycling Policies to Ensure a Clean Environment

SA Cashforcars is one of the top-notch auto wreckers and recyclers in Adelaide. We hold green policies related to reusing car parts. We tow your unregistered and harmed vehicle from your place and take it to our wrecking yard. Here, we separate the working parts from the non-working parts.

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